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The Best Storm Shelters on the Market

F5 Storm Shelters of Nixa, Missouri, is the world’s foremost manufacturer and distributor of tornado shelter safe rooms. Our industry leading designs are cost effective and individually tested at the National Wind Laboratory, exceeding the industry standard by 50%. Our Missouri storm shelters will keep your family safe through the strongest of severe weather.

Full Spectrum of Protection

When we designed our first shelter in 2009, our goal was to integrate peace of mind and function. The primary goal of any shelter should be near absolute protection from tornadoes and debris. For most companies, producing one model that meets one goal is satisfactory. Our goal is to produce many different shapes, sizes, and styles of shelters to assure that every customer gets exactly what they need. You should be able to make use of your shelter and the space it occupies year-round, not just when the weather turns for the worse. F5 Storm Shelters are the only safe rooms on the market with an adaptable integrated shelving system. We have 11 shelter designs that have been tested at Texas Tech, all passing with no contingencies. We manufacture all of our own components and assemble our units in Nixa, Missouri, with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, and customer service.

How We Stand Apart

● We are a factory-direct operation, passing the savings to the customer
● We use only the highest quality materials from steel mills in the United States
● All welds on F5 Storm Shelter products are performed by certified welders
● Our integral shelving and ventilation system is an industry exclusive
● F5 Storm Shelters are priced competitively
● Free delivery and installation within 30 miles of Springfield, Missouri

Texas Tech—Our Second Home

In 1970, a horrific tornado ripped through Lubbock, TX, tearing half the town apart. Necessity breeds innovation. In the wake of that terrible storm, professors and researchers at Texas Tech University began laying the foundation for what would later become the National Wind Institute. The NWI has since been the testing grounds for almost every shelter on the market. Before we ever completed our first shelter, our goal was to surpass all testing parameters used at Texas Tech by 50%. Every F5 Storm Shelter design meets or exceeds FEMA 320, FEMA 361, and ICC 500. All of our models have been designed in collaboration with a Professional Engineer (PE) to ensure a shelter that combines utility, cost efficiency, and above all, safety. One of the fundamental qualities that separates F5 from other shelter manufacturers is our unending effort to constantly improve our existing designs and envision new ones. F5 Storm Shelters currently has 11 tested and certified storm shelter models and will be testing new models in the near future. Testing took place at the Debris Impact Testing Laboratory at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. We stand by our quality and guarantees, setting the industry standard by exceeding our client’s’ expectations and out-performing our competition.

Welded Safe Rooms Started It All

F5 Storm Shelters will not be undersold! With our F5 Storm Shelter ECONO line, we’ve built the product with your budget in mind. Our ECONO line shelters are still among the top in the industry. Engineered to withstand 250 MPH plus winds. Our shelters are fabricated…

F5 Underground Saves Space

F5 Storm Shelters was one of the first companies in Missouri to design, test, and produce a “flush mount” underground garage floor storm shelter. Since then, most other companies have come up with their own variation, but the F5 model still reigns supreme …

F5 Bolt-Together Safe Rooms Fit

F5 Bolt-Together Storm Shelters are designed to fit nearly any application. Our panels are made in 6” and 12” widths, allowing us to install them almost anywhere, in any size imaginable. Assembling our shelters with 6” and 12” wide panels adds more bracing and strength …

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