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When we designed our first shelter in 2009, our goal was to integrate peace of mind and function. The primary goal of
any shelter should be near absolute protection from tornadoes and debris. For most companies, producing one model
that meets one goal is satisfactory. Our goal is to produce many different shapes, sizes, and styles of shelters to
assure that every customer gets exactly what they need. You should be able to make use of your shelter and the
space it occupies year-round, not just when the weather turns for the worse. F5 Storm Shelters are the only safe
rooms on the market with an adaptable integrated shelving system. We have 11 shelter designs that have been
tested at Texas Tech, all passing with no contingencies. We manufacture all of our own components and assemble
our units in Nixa, Missouri, with an emphasis on quality, efficiency, and customer service.

How We Stand Apart
● We are a factory-direct operation, passing the savings to the customer
● We use only the highest quality materials from steel mills in the United States
● All welds on F5 Storm Shelter products are performed by certified welders
● Our integral shelving and ventilation system is an industry exclusive
● F5 Storm Shelters are priced competitively
● Free delivery and installation within 30 miles of Springfield, Missouri