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F5 Underground Storm Shelters save space and save lives.

Our underground storm shelters can hold up to 10 people. All F5 Underground Storm Shelters are stronger than our competitors using a minimum of 3/16″ thick steel, and are fully painted inside and out to protect your investment. A fully galvanized storm shelter is also available and will give over 100 or more years of rust protection.

We are confident our storm and tornado shelters are the most functional, versatile and reliable on the market. Tornado safety is a priority in our underground storm shelters. We built a strong shelter capable of withstanding over 260mph winds while utilizing the space by incorporating an integrated shelf system. So now you can use your tornado shelter all year long for many, many years.

Keep your family safe. At F5 Storm Shelters, Inc. we have engineered, tested, manufacture and distribute the highest quality, multi-use shelters at a competitive price. And all of our shelters come with a lifetime guarantee. Please call us at 1-800-807-SAFE (7233) for more information.

All F5 underground storm shelters are built to the highest standards.

F5 Underground storm shelters fit easily in your garage. You will be able to park right over the top of the shelter. The strength of our door allows you to walk on top of the shelter. So a garage is an excellent place to install a shelter and save lives. We do not sacrifice quality in any of our shelters. Our highly qualified welders and fabricators have strict guidelines to follow on every underground storm shelter we manufacture.

All of our underground storm shelters are held to the highest standards. We are the manufacturer and we continually push ourselves to make a better quality storm shelter and we carry a lifetime guarantee on every shelter. We also offer installation of our underground storm shelters. Check us out on Google+ for our updates.