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F5 Storm Shelters was one of the first companies in Missouri to design, test, and produce a “flush mount” underground garage floor storm shelter. Since then, most other companies have come up with their own variation, but the F5 model still reigns supreme. There are five aluminum steps leading down into the shelter which are lightweight and removable so you can utilize the whole interior of the shelter. In the event debris is covering the top of your shelter, there is an 8-ton bottle jack included inside that can open the door/roof so you can escape.

We manufacture our underground shelters in three sizes, holding up to 12 people. Our certified welders fully weld the seams of the shelter inside and out. The inside is painted and the outside is coated in a coal-tar epoxy to prevent rust and water leakage. We offer a lifetime warranty on any rust, leakage, or floating. The walls of the shelter are made of 10 gauge steel while the sliding door/roof assembly is made of ¼” steel, all from American steel mills. During installation, we position the shelter so the tires of your car straddle the door, and ideally you can enter your shelter without having to move your vehicle out in the storm. The installation process typically takes 1-2 days.

Keep your family safe. At F5 Storm Shelters we engineer, test, manufacture, and distribute the highest quality shelters on the market and guarantee them for life. Where will you go when the sirens go off? Call us at 1-800-807-SAFE (7233) for more information.

● 10 gauge walls and ¼” door/roof
● 8 ton bottle jack included
● Extruded aluminum steps
● Lifetime warranty against rust, leakage, and floating