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We manufacture welded safe rooms in a variety of residential sizes ranging in capacity from 3 to 20 people, as well as community sizes for 100+ people. All above ground F5 Storm Shelters use a minimum of 3/16″ thick steel, and are fully painted or powder coated inside and out to prevent rust. We can also fully galvanize your shelter, good for over 100 years of rust protection.

We are confident that we build the most functional, versatile, and reliable shelters on the market. By incorporating laser-cut holes in the shelter walls so that shelving can be mounted we have increased the storage capability. The holes also act as ventilation, allowing maximum air circulation through the wall studs. This feature is an industry exclusive and sets our shelter apart from the competition. Now you can use your shelter all year long for many years
to come.

Keep your family safe. At F5 Storm Shelters we engineer, test, manufacture, and distribute the highest quality multi-use shelters on the market with a lifetime guarantee. Where will you go when the sirens go off? Please call us at 1-800-807-SAFE (7233) for more information.

Optional Pricing

White DuPont Enamel Standard
Powder Coating$100
Bedliner Style Coating$300
Full Galvanization$2000
Integrated Shelving (Interior) Standard
Integrated Shelving (Exterior and Interior)$100
Kwikset Deadbolts (X2)$100
Master Locks (X2)$150
Abloy "DEA" Lock (X1)$250
Adjustable Bench$50
Lockbox Bench$100
Gun Rack$50